I started my Tattoo and Piercing Apprenticeship the other day. my "buying class" is on monday, and in 6-8 months i'm going to potentially be the youngest licensed tattoo artist in Wisconsin, in The Midwest, possibly in the US, but who knows.

anyway, shits finally moving!

lemme know if any of you want discount tattoos, because i'm going to be apprenticing, i'll need guinea pigs in 6 months. this is how L&L does it: when i get my tattoo and/or piercing license, i need to start tattooing, and since fake skin is...well...fake, people come in for me to tattoo with Len supervising, and if i were to make a mistake, Len would fix it. ANY tattoo. ann's 600+$ piece on her back? 35$ if I do it before my apprenticeship is up. $2000 2x sleeves? $35 if I do it before my apprenticeship is up. i think you get the point.

i'll keep everyone updated.
some lessons are going to be repetitive and boring,
but that's when i'll write about the new car club mikey wants me to help set up.
should be interesting.



i do.

i fucking hate our american government.

and on that note, i have a message that i want people to hear.
i'm going to try to get my barrings here first, so you know what and why i'm ranting tonight.

i'm sitting here with Q and Chels in front of the tv watching CNN's LIVE coverage of the Iowa Caucuses.
here are our comments.

it would be cool to see hilary clinton become the first woman president, but wtf is she even campaigning with?

i wonder how hilary clinton and barock obama are going to do in the south?

i fucking hate how obama has all this money and the whole sex-sells commercial. he's manipulating the media! wtf!

mike huckabee? what's this guys problem? separation of church and state, mother fucker! campaigning as a "christian" shouldn't be allowed. fucking right wing conservative christian fucker. when are these assholes going to learn that they can't use their "christian views" in the white house?

so...when are they going to impeach bush?
probably about june, they'll start trying.
[wtf is wrong with that guy? would you give a door-knob fucking retard access codes to nuclear weapons?]
you can actually do alot of damage in a month...
you can do alot of damage in 5 minutes with a hissy-fit.

update - iowa
paul 10% rep.
mccain 13% rep.
thompson 14% rep.
huckabee 34% rep.
romney 25% rep.
obama 37% dem.
edwards 30% dem.

guliani made 6th, is now in florida and avoiding new hampshire because he knows he's not giong to win it tomorrow.

i think rudy would be alright as president,
but in saying that, he'll probably make the entire country a police state. after 9/11 he was alright, but before that, he had shit for a track record.

clinton is tied to the old administration.

if you look at it this way, if we're having a war while a certain person is in office, we won't elect that person again. unless we feel threatened. pearl harbor - we elected roosevelt again. viet nam - not so much, fuckoff. 9/11 - because of the media - we elected bush again, WHO didn't even wage war with the supposed country that tried to fuck us over, he waged war on the entire fucking planet. he waged war on "terrorism". guess what, according to the government, i'm a fucking terrorist.
i know how to make a pipe bomb,
i'm a guerrilla anarchist,
i know how to get rid of people if need-be,
i know how to fuck up the system,
are they about to put me in jail? send some fuckin' swat guys to my house, bust the doors down, put me behind bars because i'm a threat to national security? i can guarantee someone's gunna get fucked up if that were to happen.

i know my rights,
and i happen to know that my rights are being violated by the dick-head leader of the not-so-free world by evading the fucking RULES, that were supposed to be fucking SET IN STONE, called the constitution and the declaration of independence, yeah ringing any bells at all? anyone?

fuck this, i quit.


[so far: it's jesus and dumbo.]

gif animations 01/03/2008

i'm going to post a temporary page in the navigation because a couple of you have been asking me to write a tutorial about how to make .gif animations [see: myspacealbum- .gif].

sorry it's taking me so long, i've been RIDICULOUSLY busy. and bored at the same time...hmm...

pick a name for it?
or maybe i'll do it.


comment or something,
in the meantime i'll be writing.


pimp'et. 01/02/2008


i'm really bummin' abuot not being able to drive my motorcycle in the winter.

that's probably good that i haven't tried yet..

but i REALLLLLLY want to.

like now.

i found a new sport-pipe for it yesterday, on ebay motors, ended for around 60bones, i think i should buy a shit-ton of parts each winter, spend the winter moding, then spend the spring/summer/fall driving the shit out of it.

ya dig?

k, goin' to play pool now.


[so i've decided my Lancer is now gunna be the Pimp,
and the CBR600 F4i is not the Pimp'et]



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