I haven't been on this blog site in WAY too long.

but i guess that's ok, nobody really paid any attention to it anyway.


i'm doing tattoos now.
i've successfully done 2, on my good friends Jeremy-"tiny" and Kate. on Jeremy i did the Dethklok Cog on his back, and on kate i did a heart with a dove inside of it.

i might be able to dig up some pics of me actually doing the tats later, but i have to dig through a 200+ gig HD to find them. fun shit.

um...oh, i'm on the ps3 network a lot now, if anyone wants to add me my handle is milothemusician, as always.


still living with chels at them moment, but i have unofficial plans to move out within the next 2 weeks or so. she fucking HATES it, but i need more space. and by space i mean room. and by room i mean space. it's complicated.

oh, the band picked up again.
we're doing pretty fucking good this time.
we've got a new myspace.com page, and we've re-vamped our entire website, ofhatred.com.
we're working on a midwest tour right now with our brothers in Breech, and there's also talk of starting a local music production company in the future. we'll see where this all goes, and i might keep posting updates [to nobody] on here, but everyone watching ofhatred.com will be updated.

i think that's it for now.
i gotta figure out how to get all the people that spy on me through myspace to go to this site.

hm. again.

thats it for now.





    born: joshua something something
    now: josh 'milo' zane
    age: 20 going on 13
    bday: 6.13.88
    smokes: gambler tobacco, zen tubes, top slider
    drinks: irish and german, sometimes russian
    drives: 08 mitsubishi lancer gts, honda cbr600 f4i, dodge durango r/t
    snow: lamar mission 151
    street: element, pig, lucky, venture, bam, toy machine, destructo
    mp3: 160GB Archos 605wifi
    os: vista
    'puter: compaq presario v6000, nvidia gforce grafix, amd turion64 duel core, rock mobil hd
    general interests: tattoos, piercings, music, pain, computers, snowboarding, bikes, cars, technology
    genre: metal
    instrument: gibson sg goth guitar, dean & squire affinity pbass, pearl/mapex drums
    current game(s): guitar hero 3, haze, gta4, burnout paradise, f.e.a.r.


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