remember that one movie?
it was awesome.
[sweet, i'm at 163 as of this post.]
not bad for a couple days, huh?

anyway, i'm not blond anymore.
or more specifically, i'm not orange anymore.
the bleach shit didn't work all that well, atleast, ann missed a couple spots, so we got some hair-dye-stripper.
sounds sexy right?
it wasn't.
that kinda worked, but instead of being a blond bimbo, i turned into fucking carot top. w00t.

so, after that whole like...20-24 hours of smelling like chemicals, ann and chels and Q put the blue in my hair, everything worked alright, accept for the fact that my head is now a perfect turquoise.


mission completed.

btw, wisconsin kicked the shit out of bowling green tonight.
5 & 3.
and bowling green's mens hocky....
yeah, they fight like chumps.


with my bottle of carolans irish cream and a bowl of blue moon icecream while chels tells me that i have to wait atleast 24 hours for another chemical process. meaning simply that tomorrow we're going to dye my hair blond and for 24 hours i'm going to be a ditsy coffee drinking 'look at my tits' kind of blond for 24 hours.

did i mention i'm going to be blond?


i was born blond, lemme tell you, it's not all its cracked up to be. i was a little arian kid. blond hair blue eyes really chubby. like the kid on the box of those german chocolates...

yeah. creepy.

anyway. after that my hair's going blue.

i need a job.
i got a counter, see? it's pretty.
oh, and my 'stats' thing tells me that i had 70 views on my first day. how exciting.
don't i sound excited?



i drink irish. and german. and maybe somewhere inbetween.

i'm not feeling very creative tonight.









i sat next to god once on the bus.

he told me the meaning of life,
then he gave me a pretzel.



got rid of one of the kittens today,
good thing to, he pisses EVERYWHERE.
asshole cat.

went to the east side, looked at some puppys/birds/farrets/cats etc. chels is on this puppy kick right now, quite interesting.
got some cds and hair dye at hot topic [yay?]. oh well, rockin' out to the drop kick murphys in my lancer now.

got my new phone today, the motorola roker. pretty pimp.
$360 though.
the guy told me that if i get it on the 27th UScellular would pay for A LOT of it. like the $300 part.
but he FAILED to mention that it was december 27, 2008.

it's all programed into my car and everything, all the blue tooth shit, got a playlist and everything.

so now chels and me are gunna bail,
we're going to the east side again tonight to go see the movie Juno.

maybe i'll give a review for it later.



'tis me again.

editing the shit out of this site is actually kinda fun.
if you saw it early evening yesterday you would know that my front page [here.] was just a standard page.
late last night i changed it to a blog-style page, i think it will be easier for everybody if all my most recent updates are on the main page.


i should add a counter.

for the entire like...5 people that looked at this so far.

[oh well, it's been up for less than 24 hours.
it's not so bad.]

more later, probably later tonight.



so....this is my new site.

i've been getting bored with myspace, facebook...even Uber [short but boring story, you don't want to know.], so now i've decided to start my own fairly-independent blog-site-thinger.

i'mma spend the next.....for-fuckin'-ever learning more about this site, seeing what i can do and all that shit, so for now don't expect much.

by the way.




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