remember that one movie?
it was awesome.
[sweet, i'm at 163 as of this post.]
not bad for a couple days, huh?

anyway, i'm not blond anymore.
or more specifically, i'm not orange anymore.
the bleach shit didn't work all that well, atleast, ann missed a couple spots, so we got some hair-dye-stripper.
sounds sexy right?
it wasn't.
that kinda worked, but instead of being a blond bimbo, i turned into fucking carot top. w00t.

so, after that whole like...20-24 hours of smelling like chemicals, ann and chels and Q put the blue in my hair, everything worked alright, accept for the fact that my head is now a perfect turquoise.


mission completed.

btw, wisconsin kicked the shit out of bowling green tonight.
5 & 3.
and bowling green's mens hocky....
yeah, they fight like chumps.



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