I started my Tattoo and Piercing Apprenticeship the other day. my "buying class" is on monday, and in 6-8 months i'm going to potentially be the youngest licensed tattoo artist in Wisconsin, in The Midwest, possibly in the US, but who knows.

anyway, shits finally moving!

lemme know if any of you want discount tattoos, because i'm going to be apprenticing, i'll need guinea pigs in 6 months. this is how L&L does it: when i get my tattoo and/or piercing license, i need to start tattooing, and since fake skin is...well...fake, people come in for me to tattoo with Len supervising, and if i were to make a mistake, Len would fix it. ANY tattoo. ann's 600+$ piece on her back? 35$ if I do it before my apprenticeship is up. $2000 2x sleeves? $35 if I do it before my apprenticeship is up. i think you get the point.

i'll keep everyone updated.
some lessons are going to be repetitive and boring,
but that's when i'll write about the new car club mikey wants me to help set up.
should be interesting.





Sat, 12 Jan 2008 19:54:53

i know what i want dont know what side to put it on... i want u to do it i at least know that much
mmkay sweet



Sat, 19 Jan 2008 22:24:40

So.. Ann's wings are a pain. But that's ok because it will look sweet.
And I'll tattoo our names on your ass/back when YOU get certified. lol

Yup, so even after all that discussion about our tattoos... I still don't know what you're doing to me.



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