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i'm really bummin' abuot not being able to drive my motorcycle in the winter.

that's probably good that i haven't tried yet..

but i REALLLLLLY want to.

like now.

i found a new sport-pipe for it yesterday, on ebay motors, ended for around 60bones, i think i should buy a shit-ton of parts each winter, spend the winter moding, then spend the spring/summer/fall driving the shit out of it.

ya dig?

k, goin' to play pool now.


[so i've decided my Lancer is now gunna be the Pimp,
and the CBR600 F4i is not the Pimp'et]



01/03/2008 09:14

I'm glad you haven't tried to kill yourself in the winter. lol

pimp and pimp-et? lol

you're weird.

love you


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