i had this huge new blog typed up, and weebly fucking lost it.


so! new shit.
[i'll do this quick]
got all my tattoo supplies, been to the shop every couple days  learning and working.
still pissed off at STUPID FUCKING POLITICS!
wrote another movie, no idea about production yet.
found out my license has been suspended for 6 months due to ONE MOTHER FUCKING SPEEDING TICKET. and it wasn't even that fast, otherwise they'd put me in the back of the squad car.
went on a huge snowboarding trip last weekend to Big Snow Country [Hurly WI and the U.P. Michigan] got REALLLLLY drunk every night and REALLLLLLLLLLY hungover on the hills.


that's the gist of it.
more later, when i get FEWD in me.

later days



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