.gif animation tutorial

[catchy title, right?]
ok folks, you've been asking for it.
here's a step by bloody step guide to making cool little moving pictures for
profiles and comments and everything else. w00t.

a camera with video capabilities [go figure?]
downloading capabilities [i'll provide program links...i think]
money to donate to milo for beer [totally a joke, or not, but it is, or is it]
time [always good to have, rushing means SHIT quality]

Step 1) Wideo

remember that camera i was talking about?

well put it on video settings and make a short video of yourself or someone else or just about fucking anything you want to turn into a .gif, and load the video onto your computer.

so simple it doesn't even actually NEED its own step.

Step 2) Download Programs

for this step, you will probably need to download at least 1 of 2 programs. they're free, and very easy to use.

find the video you recorded, and figure out what the format is. depending on the camera, it will either be .mov, .wmv, .mp4, .mpeg4, or maybe even .avi.

if it is .avi, you do not need to download an .avi converter.

here's what i do:
i open my video in either Windows Movie Maker or some haggard-ass video editing program that came with one of my ancient cameras.
i edit the hell out of the video, crop it, chop it, add effects, and finally produce it as a .avi video.

if you don't have any programs that let you produce [finalize] a video into an .avi format,
fear not,
i found a free .avi converter [v4.3.0.1].
just drag your video into the top box, make sure the vox that says convert to .avi is checked, and push the button at the bottom. make sure you remember your path and folder you save the video too, otherwise you get to search for it.

once that's done, you need to find a .avi to .gif converter, but wait! i have one of those too!

thanks to a good friend, Alorah, i found a free, semi-legal .avi to .gif converter.
it's free, for us, but it's semi-legal because you have to put in a registry crack if you want to use it more than the demo version will let you. obviously.

anyway, the program is called 123 .avi to .gif converter. great name. click on the link and download the DEMO VERSION. unless you really want to pay $15-$30 for an ugly program like this.

i said it's ugly,
i didn't say it doesn't work.

i'm pretty sure i can't tell you to download [or use] limewire,
and i'm not supposed to tell you click on programs, and i know i can't tell you to search for 123.avi.to.gif.converter.3.0.keygen-tsrh , so i'll just try to post the file on here.

download, unzip [right click the .zip folder],
click on the program titled keygen,
click the button a few times, then copy + paste the code and your FIRST NAME or alias only wherever it askes you to register.

File Size: 95 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Step 3) Convert

'nuff said.

convert to avi with the first program[s], convert to .gif with the second [cracked or paid] program.
upload to your facebook, myspace, deviantart, photobucket, wherever.

any quesitons, check my 'everywhere in between' page for my contact info.

good luck!
oh, and if you wanna send me any .gif animations that you made using this tutorial,
that would make me feel special.